Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wicked Nights and Early Morning Walks

       Last Thursday evening Mick and I were able to go up with a group of his fellow teachers to see the production of "Wicked".  It certainly did not dissappoint any expectations and infact exceeded them.  Both female leads put on a strong and impressive performance, as well as the other main actors.  All in all we had a ton of fun just relaxing and having a quiet night with no kids and watching an awesome show...
Our view of the stage before the show...

Close up of the stage... I LOVED that scary dragon!

Mick and I before the show... Very Excited!
          Another fun thing I have started doing lately is my early morning walks with Lucy and Esther.  Since we are heading into 9 months now without school all three of us have entered such stages of boredom and desperation that I have had to think hard and come up with new, fun, and exciting ways to spend our days.  I had began to notice a beautiful pathway built along the cliffs next to the ocean and beach each morning after I would drop Mick off to work.  And so finally one day, instead of going home, I turned up the little road that led to the cliffs and the parking lot and got out with the girls and went on a walk that has now become one of our favorite ways to start our day.  Finally this morning I remembered to bring my camera so I could share it with all of you! 
Lucy and Esther infont of the gorgeous beach...

Ready to go on our walk

The gorgeous Australian sea!

Girls playing around on the boardwalk...



Me saying "Good morning Australia!!!"

Our lizzard friend we spotted on our walk... So cute!!!


  1. And are some random thoughts of mine, after reading that post.... Again, I am so excited you got to see Wicked. I am So very happy you updated your blog! I LOVE that you are going walking with your girls in the mornings. That is a great idea, especially when you've got such a beautiful place to go walking!

    Your girls are looking much older to me after only 6 months! And you continue to look thinner!

    I cannot believe you made friends with a lizzard. Max wants one of those for a pet desperately. I think I will NOT show this to him.

    Overall, I just miss you really a ton!!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous place you are blessed live! Wow, just wow.

  3. Brooke, you really do live in Paradise. What wonderful things to do....Breathe it in! I am so happy that you and Mick made it to a Musical! What an awesome thing to enjoy together! You and your girls look so Corinne said just in the time since you left! And you DO look thinner! And Lucy and Esther are growing into the most beautiful girls EVER! I think they have grown significantly since you left! Sooooo awesome.

  4. I came on to look at the photos again.....ahhh. (And I must admit, hoping there were new ones....I'm sorry! My appetite is unsatiable!!!) It just makes me so happy to see you LIVING there. :)

  5. So, there was one pic with the coast line down and behind the girls that really could've been OR!... on a SUNNY day! haha. But that's beautiful! And I LOVE seeing any and all pics of you and all of your beautiful family of course, but you are definitely a Sexxxxxxxy lady, Brooke. So sexy.