Monday, April 11, 2011

Mick the Welder!

                  Ok, so I am hopelessly in love with my amazing husband...  He never ceases to impress me.  Over the past week as the days have been leading up to the two week school holidays, and as the psychotic hot weather has began to taper off a bit we have been really eager to finally take our girls out on another family camping trip.  When me and my girls had first come here to Australia it was one of the first things Mick and I did with all of our girls.  It was a great bonding experience for all of them and for us, and as camping usually does, it created wonderful family memories.  However, the one thing we realised really quick was that Mick's smaller trailer would not be enough space for our family as it had just doubled in size!  
Camping back in October, Lucy, Es, and Lana by the old trailer Mick had built.
                And so in the following weeks Mick had sold the smaller trailer, complete with a cage around it, and we had purchased an almost brand new one that was at least twice as big.  Unfortunately this trailer did not have a cage built around it, but that didn't worry Mick in the least as he said he would just build one. 
            And so it was that this past week we finally got around to building that darn cage!  On Friday after the girls' first day of school I picked them up and we went to join Mick at his work and help out where ever we could as he began to build the trailer.  Mick had picked up the steel pieces that morning and had cut them and when we arrived was already well into getting the beginnings of the frame on. 

Lucy helping out....

The Girls and Mick posing by the trailer after the first day.
                On Saturday I dropped Mick off early in the morning then took Esther to her gymnastics's class and then we joined him afterwards.  We were there all day!  I helped Mick with measuring and marking where the metal should be cut as he went around cutting and drilling and welding it all together.... I must say, it was pretty sexy... and I was so impressed with his ability and talent. 

Mick cutting the metal


Mick welding it all together.
              So after a very long day of work we went home tired for a rest, but for some reason Mick's eye was bugging him quite a bit, felt painful and scratched.  I encouraged him to go to bed early and rest his eyes.  He thought perhaps he had "welder's flash" a condition I guess you can get from the bright flashing light while welding.  So the next day when he woke up with his eye hurting even more we decided to go into the doctor.  Sure enough it's good we went, because it turned out Mick did not have "welder's flash" but had instead gotten a few pieces of metal in his eye from the day before.  For your sake, I won't go into details and just let you know that the doctor got it out and Mick was right back to work the next day.

Mick at the doctor's getting all better...

Girls with Mick at doc's


  1. HOLY COW!!! That IS impressive!!! Sheesh Louise!!! I can't even imagine building something like that! Oh my gosh! How awesome to have such a hardworking and capable husband! WOW! And how exciting to be able to go camping again!!! I thought the pic's of Lucy and Es standing at his bedside at the Doc's were hilarious by the way. Oh! And Mick's welder mask! hahahah, sooo Australian! hahahah. Oh my gosh I Zsa Zsa Gabor your family and all of your blog updates!!! Keep up the good work!!! :)

  2. What a wonderful family story. The trailor looks amazing! I am very impressed. It's a thing of beauty. So glad the Doc got that metal out! Ouchie! I love every minute of your lives that you share with us!

  3. Jason and I are laughing about all the pictures you took of him cutting the metal with his safety goggles up on his head, not over his eyes. I wonder how metal got into his eye?!?!?! We are so glad that the Doc. was able to get the metal out! OUCH!!!