Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camping Maddness #3! Our Wildlife Friends!

         Ok, by far, one of my favorite things about camping here in Australia is the crazy wildlife you see...  I mean, ofcourse I suppose it's only to be expected that when I simply go into my own backyard here I am confronted with all kinds of exotic birds, bugs, and animals that when I go out into the bush camping I am definitly going to see some pretty great animals!  So this camping blog is dedicated to them... To the animals. 
First of all... let me tell you, that if you come here to Australia... you really don't have to pay the expensive fee to go to the zoo to see some Kangaroos... or "boomers".  There was an entire settlement of them at the campground... just sitting there, lounging around.  It was so funny!!!  There was this big lazy one that our girls named "Max" who was always just lazily sitting there in the same exact spot everyday outside the camping office!  It was hillarious!
A whole flock of them... just sitting there relaxing at the campground.

Such lazy bums...

I know that some of you will appreciate to know that this Kangaroo reminded me a ton of LG and how his ears shot back every time I called out to him!  Hahah!

One of the smaller babies...

Way too freakin' cute.

       Ok, now I loved those Kangaroos... but let me introduce you to my favorite camping creature so far... Joanna... the hillarious, and I thought pretty freaking funny and cute Goanna... Yes, as Mick warned us all... don't get too close... as she can climb up us like a tree and claw our eyes out if she felt threatened enough... but I couldn't help it...  Maybe it's all thanks to the hillariously adorable portrayal of the animal on "Rescuer's Down Under"... but I love you Joanna... you are so cute.

The Girls following Joanna... where is she going?

Joanna skulking away
hahaha... ok I find this picture hillarious!  She tried to eat a stick or something and didn't like it much...

Joanna climbing a tree

She's looking at me!
Ok so at this point... she was just posing for me... silly thing.


  1. OH MY GOSH! JOANNA! How awesome!!! Not to mention the boomers. HAHAHA about LG. That is too funny. What a bunch of laz-abouts. But the pics of Joanna were the funniest..."she's looking at me", and the one where she is posing. hahaha.... It looks like the girls were really enjoying it all. Wonderful. BEST FRIDAY EVER to come into work and find these wonderful blog posts. THANKYOU!!!

  2. Harrison cannot believe that the kangaroo is named MAX!! "You mean like Maxwell? My brother?!!!!" Good goin' - We LOVE the pictures. I just could never go camping there! I can't even handle seeing a deer walk through our campsite, let alone a big ole' boomer, or a Goanna that can claw your eyes out!!!!

  3. Can't even believe all these animals. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come stay with you guys for awhile. Love you!!!

  4. Did it steal your eggs when you turned around?

  5. Hey Brookie. Tried to comment on this the other day from my pc; however, it wouldn't post because I was signed into my gmail account and not Kristin's. Sooooooo cool. I am so jelous and definitly want to do some camping with you guys someday once I have the honor of visiting. Love you, Isaac