Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camping Maddness

          Ah sigh... ok I am finally getting around to this camping blog I've been promising a lot of you...  I am clean, I actually have some makeup on and clean clothes and I am not being bitten by "mozzies" anymore...  Mick and I are pretty worn down after our two nighter with all five girls out in the great wilderness... but we did have tons of fun and are glad we did it. 
         The first day we got there I must tell you all was pretty bad... it didn't look very promising as it was POURING buckets of rain... I mean torrents, sheets... a monsoon of rain was comming down...  And that was after showing up to find that many spots of the campground were already flooding and very swampy... It was difficult to find a dry place to put the tent that wasn't already taken by another insane camper.  But we finally did and proceeded to set up our big new tarp as a roof while keeping the five restless girls entertained and somewhat dry.  We got the tarp up... the girls were pretty whingy though and they got muddy about every three seconds.  Needless to say, that first night was pretty freakin' bad and we didn't know if we would stay for a second night.  By the next morning I think Mick and I had maybe gotten three hours of solid sleep.  Anyway, the next day soon got better though as the clouds literally parted and the sun began to shine a bit more as the day went on.  In the end we stayed for the two nights we had planned on staying and were very happy we had.  After that first rough day the sun came out and it was warm and beautiful.  We swam at the beach and the girls played in the sand for hours.  On the last day as we proceeded to pack up to leave the campers had started comming in like crazy for the long Easter weekend and by the time we were taking down our tent I think our spot was one of the last coveted open spots there...  And sure enough some desperate campers who had just arrived rushed over to us and asked if we were leaving... when they heard we were they started thanking us and cheering like we were suddenly their best friends... Hhahahah...  When Mick went to check us out at the front office he found out that apparently yes, the campground was completly full...
        There you got through the words... now here are the pictures!

Our first day... setting up.  It's raining, but the campers are happy.

That first baaaaad night... :)

Yummy breakfast.  Mini muffins and a custard pastry.

Carsey eating her breakfast.
The girls had a blast playing in the sand on the beach.

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Lucy and Carsen in the water... yeah.. Lucy was kind of pouting at this point... gotta love it.

My handsome Mick relaxing at camp.
Taylah and Lana eating yummy breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs...  Taylah really wanted a breakfast like this.


Lana picked up the camera and handed it to me because she wanted me to take this picture of her... haha!


  1. How DELIGHTFUL! Every picture! That Lana! What a poser. Your tarp/fly is amazing! It's huge! You could actually stay dry! What a nice camp! And good food too. :)

  2. Wow! Good for you for staying! I would've wanted to leave too. I am glad it turned out to be so great!

  3. Isn't Bacon, eggs, and pancakes a pretty "American" breaky? (BTW, I always ask the boys if they are ready for breaky every morning.)