Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Few Quick Snaps of Life

Girls goofing around at "Hungry Jacks" (Burger King)
         A few weekends ago we had all five girls and it was raining!  Nooooooo!  All our plans of getting some much needed yard work done with the girls after Es's gymnastics class and then rewarding them with a nice cooling (and tiring) swim at Wendy's house were ruined!  So instead we rushed to the video store after Esther's class and rented some movies that might entertain them... Needless to say it was a loooong day that ended with dinner at Australia's version of Burger King, "Hungry Jack's"... and yes, they do have the Whopper and the Whopper Jr.  :) 
         I have this new theory about Australian kids in particular... I think that when it rains they go completly NUTS.  For example... Mick is always comming home after a rainy day at work talking about how awful the students were acting that day.  And then when we have the younger girls it's the same... Mick agreed immediatly with my theory and said, "ofcourse they do!  It's because they aren't use to it" ...  Exactly... I really think the idea of not being able to go outside and swim or surf or sunbath etc is just torture for sun-loving aussies.  Mick has asked me what on earth we do during those winters when it is snowing buckets outside... or just raining?  what on earth do we do!!!????  Hahah... I laugh and I just tell him... "we play games Mick... we play games, watch tv, and eat good food..."

Mick taking a quiet moment after feeding the masses.

Ok all my Yankee friends... I got a particular kick out of Hungry Jack's chosen style of decor!  Haha 1950's American Diner.... Gotta love it!


  1. What do we do "during those winters". Classic. We go outside and build snowmen and go sledding down a big ole hill! Then we come inside and sit by a roaring fire, eating popcorn and drink hot cocoa.

    Aussies never do that?! They are totally missing out!

  2. I'm with Julia! I loved your answer to that Brooke.....those days are the BEST! We'll show him how it's done this Christmas!

  3. HAHAHHA!!!! That is so typical for a rainy day here in Oregon! Watch movies all day then when the kids are so stir crazy we go to some fast food place with a play land! I've lately met up with my friends at Chuckee Cheeses - we dont' buy any food, we just use the coupons to buy tons of tokens and let the kids play for a few hours while we visit.
    I can't wait to show Mick what we do when it's cold outside! (Jason thinks that sounds dirty! AHAHHAHA!!!!)

  4. "We play games, Mick. We play games." Well said, Brooke-o. I have to say, I completely understand both sides of this. If you aren't used to it, of course you're gonna be stir crazy and hate when it rains, but when you've grown-up used to part of the year being like this, especially in our family, you learn to LOVE those days. Sit by the fire. Turn on Natalie Cole. Light candles. Cozy up with a book and a light blanket. HEAVEN. At the same time though, I'd be happy to sunbathe and go surfing, so I get it. :)