Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camping Maddness #2 For Your Viewing Pleasure

            Yes... I got tons of pictures... too many to share in just one blog post... So here are some more for you all. 
Lana relaxing...

Lucy helping sweep out the tent.

Views of our campground... filling up fast.

More views of the campground.

On the last day we had a big easter egg hunt for all of the girls, as this is Easter weekend...  They had a ton of fun and ate lots of candy.

Girls are ready to hunt for Easter Eggs!



On the prowl...

yes... Mick... love your hairy arm.
Mick is becomming a professional "photo bomber"
Counting their loot

Esther and Lana eating their candy



  1. How fun! Happy Easter! BTW, I love "Mick, the photo bomber". Those are always the best pictures. Brooke, it looks like you had the camera all the time! I love those 5 beautiful little girls....wish I was there. :)

  2. That was a great idea to do the Easter Egg hunt on the campground! Brillian! Esther is a HAM! She is so funny in those pictures! Mick cracks me up all the time too! I am so glad you all had fun!!

  3. Oh, your girls are SOOO cute!!! They kill me! I love seeing all of them together!