Saturday, June 18, 2011

Parks and Recreation

      So this last week was what the aussies would refer to as "full on"... which means: insanely busy and overwhelming...  We had an on weekend with all five girls and then found out shortly before the weekend began that it would be for an extra night, making it three nights instead of the usual two... Ok deep breaths... fine, all is fine, we could handle it... No.  More than "handle it" we were happy and excited to have a bit more time with all our crazy wonderful girls.  I had been on the search for a new job and would be going in the following Wednesday for a "trial period" for how long I did not know...  and I was begining to feel that cold, sore, achiness that always preceeds an obnoxious, persistent cold.  Well, long story short: the cold got much worse, and the girls ended up being with us for SEVEN nights.  On Sunday in the throws of cold-miserable-no-makeup-wearing-large-wooly-"jumper"-wraped-around-me-twenty-four-seven-Cold-dom we decided to take the girls for a nice drive out to see the clinic where I might be working at soon, and to play at a totally fun park that we had noticed along the way.  In the end it was a wonderful family memory that I made sure to take tons of pictures of.  Lucy and Esther had made sure to bring the soccer ball, and Mick and the girls, minus Lana (who stayed and cuddled with me), ended up running around playing soccer, rolling in the grass and having tons of fun.  It was a gorgeous winter/fall day and I loved it. 
Lucy taking off with the ball while all the others try to catch up.

Mick and Esther battling it out!

Mick playing with all the girls... except Lana :)

Lana eating cookies and watching her sisters.

Lana with Daddy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Off Into the Australian Rainforest...

Esther at Kondalilla Falls
          I know that I am way behind on my blogging... and so today as I have finally had a chance to sit down and take a breath after a madhouse week with all five girls, colds and fevers, job interviews and trials... I am finally on here ready to give you more!  For some reason uploading photos from my phone takes me a bit longer to get around to...  So unfortunately when I have found myself without a camera and only my phone camera on hand and taken pictures they have become lost to the four winds... and so have the many blog posts I meant to do with those pictures... But TAH DAH!  Finally, I did it... and here's a great one for you all...  Esther's class field trip to Kondallila Falls.
         A few weeks ago Esther came home all excited to tell us about an upcoming field trip to Kondallilla Falls... apparently a beautiful park much like Silver Falls not far from where we live... Ah!  Why hadn't Mick ever told me or taken me this gorgeous place?  So when the day came I agreed to be one of the parents to come along.  It turned out to be a very fun outing where I got to meet a lot of Esther's new little friends, who all looked up at me with wide eyes and called me "Esther's Mum"...  It was a great one on one time for me and Esther and I got to see first hand how well she is doing in her class, with her teacher and her classmates.

Stopping for "morning tea"

Esther and her classmates deep in the rainforest.

On a bridge over one of the waterfalls.

Esther and I at a gorgeous lookout point...

Esther enjoying her "second lunch"... Yes, that is right, here they have 2 lunches at school!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lovin From My Woman's Oven

Mick here,
there are two traditions in my family growing up that i can remember doing ever since i can remember. The first one is Sunday afternoon BBQs which my Dad would prepare and cook for us. My parents still have this same BBQ today which they got like 30 years ago. One of us boys would peel the potatoes and sweet potatoes (only after a long fight as who would have to do it) along with meat and stuff. Then Dad would bring it in to us in rounds. He would say 'next'and we would all try to be the next to say the same to indicate to Dad to go get the next round. Ah good times, I even think Cindy & Carol have had the pleasure of this fine food.
The next tradition is... you guessed it Ginger Pudding. Again for as long as I can remember my Dad has being making this for us, we would even have it for a main meal. This meal is so entrenched in my family that we all go nuts when we have it. So for a few years this recipe got lost but Dave brought it back to life. He perfected it and now has passed it on to me.
Now it took Brooke only twice to perfect this recipe and now I am sure she could do it with her eyes closed. Brooke you are amazing you make me every happy. I don't actually know how to make it so i will let Brooke explain it to you but i will add pictures below.

mixing flour

these are the cranberries put into hot water and sugar sauce

rice bran oil...

adding the oil slowly to the flour mixture

pigs brains... well that is what it looks like. flour balls added to hot water mix

cooked and ready to serve

what a little beauty! it tastes just like heaven

Well there you have it, I hope this has helped those who are wanting to make it or made all of you really hungry and jealous. Oh yeah it tastes as good as it looks.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Bliss!

             So this last weekend we had the honor of witnessing another wonderful, happy moment in the Travis Family.  On Saturday Mick and I, Lucy and Esther got to attend, Mick's oldest brother, Dave's wedding to Tracy Walker.  It is always wonderful to see two people committing themselves to each other in love.  I know that after my divorce it was incredibly hard to imagine that I could ever find happiness again and yet I did... and I didn't just find happiness, but more than I could have ever imagined possible.  Mick, you are my answer to prayer and my blessing after years of heart break...  I was so happy to see Dave and Tracy finding their happiness as well.  Congratulations to both of you!  

Isn't love a wonderful thing...

Lucy, Esther, and I walking down to the beach before the wedding.
Watching the bride come down the isle.

Dave and Tracy exchanging rings.

Mick and I and Lucy and Esther.
The Bride with all of the Travis boys (minus Andrew)...
Mick looked so handsome that day... oh lah lah...
Lucy and Esther looking beautiful at the reception.

Dave and Tracy

Yummy Cupcakes

All the girl cousins.