Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funny Funniness

            Every once in a while I like to get on here and talk a bit about the funny cultural differences of my own home country, the beautiful US of A, and my sweetheart's, the amazing and wild Australia.  I especially thought any of you fellow yanks out there might get a kick from knowing that if you venture out of our country and over to the land of Oz don't think that the transition of english to english will always be so simple...  Honestly I think that has been the biggest, and trickiest surprise yet.  I have often fallen into a state of comfortable familiarity, thinking things like "ah this really isn't so different from America..." etc.  Don't think that!  Because the moment you do, BAM!  There's a wake up call to remind you that oooooh yes, the language may technically be the same, the people may look relatively the same... but don't be fooled, you are defintily in a foreign country! 
              I mean, don't get me wrong, going on eight months here I certainly have improved on my cultural prowess.  I know how many "grams" to ask for when I order meat.  I know what a "snag fest" is, and a "hen's party".  And I know that when I go to the store they are always going to say, "how ya goin'" and that it just simply means, "hello"... but here's a funny surprise I thought I would share, a recent one that I have discovered.  A couple weeks ago I went to the video store trying to find a fun romantic comedy to watch with Mick, especially one that he hadn't ever seen before (which leaves quite a bit) and I had set my sights on the hillariously adorable and sweet "Fever Pitch" starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Falon.  But did I find "Fever Pitch"?  No, no I didn't, I found "The Perfect Catch"... yep that's right, no one here has ever heard of "Fever Pitch"... what's that?

Yes, that's right...
              Then a few days later as I'm sitting in my "lounge room" relaxing and watching some t.v. I see a comercial come on for another great romantic comedy "13 Going on 30", great title right, but no... what does the Australian t.v. call it?  Anyone want to guess?  Hahah to my wonderous delight it wasn't "13 Going on 30" that would be showing on the "Gem channel" it was "Suddenly 30"!!! 

               Ah... you gotta love it.  And I really do.  I have always wanted to live in a foriegn country and experience life with a twist to the "normal"... everything from the sound of my sweet husband's accent when he tells me he loves me, or reminds one of our daughters to "grab her jumper" to the new titles given to old movies I love.  I am grateful for this, and I count these wonderful differences as the spices of my life.  It never gets boring. 


  1. HAHAHHAHA!!!! That was Brilliant! Very Nawce! I never would have thought that they would change movie titles. I don't get why! That is so funny!

  2. Crazy!!! Paige was telling me about weird movie titles in France, but Australia? Weird! wanna hear a really good one that I heard about?! That stupid new movie "Friends With Benefits" with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher is called "Sex Friends" in France I think. Hahaha! Way to cut to the chase! hahahahahah

  3. Brooke....that was delightful, and so fun to hear about! What an adventure! btw, did he like the movie?

  4. Yeah, this is the stuff I LOVE to hear about! I need to chat with you once we get our internet squared away and just about this stuff! :) But I wanna know what those first two things are that you specifically mentioned. What is a "snag fest" and what is a "hen's party"? And what the hell is a TUCK SHOP?!?!?!