Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canoeing Around the Sunny Coast

          The warmer weather has brought on a new surge of activity in our family.  Our latest craze is rowing!  It is a wonderful way to travel on a hot summer's day and a great way to work out the arms.  We had a blast rowing past all the beautiful homes and large yachts and sailboats!   Ps. sorry for the poor picture quality, I had to bring out my waterproof camera on this trip, which doesn't take as nice quality of photos... sigh...
Mick and the girls on the high seas...

Having a total blast!
Lucy taking a ride in the raft... Ahhh the life...

Camping Yet Again!

         So the last two weeks the kids have been on holiday with no school, and so has Mick :)  So we decided it was time for another family fun camping trip up to our favourite little spot.  This time though we were super cool and clever because we brought along a badminton set to put up right next to our campsite.  It ended up being the hit of the trip as the kids and adults couldn't get enough!  It was the perfect game for all of us to be able to play together, for the adults all the way to the smallest as there are no hard heavy balls involved and it is fairly easy and simple. 

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Carsen and Lana just wanted to play in the tent.

Their other favourite part of camping is the yummy food. 

Es relaxin'

Carsen getting some juice for breakfast.

Making some Breakfast Skillet

We also brought a huge ball... that's always fun too.

      Where we were camping was only a short distance away from some of the most gorgeous beaches. So during the day we packed up our beach stuff and headed over to the beach for a swim.    

Mick and Lana with all the beach toys.

The girls swimming in the surf.
             All in all it was a good but exhausting trip for Mick and I... The kids whined a LOT... So I think we will take a bit of a break before we take our next trip!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Ninjas

        I know that I am sorely behind in my blog posts and for that I am sorry.  First I will start with a little look into the girls' Martial Arts class.  All five girls go once a week to practice their leaps, kicks, and power punches and ofcourse bowing at the door.  It is great fun to watch... Here are some pictures of the girls, all except Lana, who only recently has started to participate! I will have to get some pictures of her later as she is freaking cute in her uniform!!!

Carsen's Karate class getting instruction.

Carsen smiling for the camera...

Taylah kicking it up
Look at those high kicks!
     As you can see they are all doing a great job and we are super proud of them!  It is a great program in so many ways as it not only teaches them self defence but also reinforces wonderful principles of respect and self discipline.