Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi Family Mick here... sorry no pictures
I have heard 'that there are as many forms of love as there moments in time'
I know Brooke and I have only been married 3 and a half months but I fall more and more in love with her every day as I see the many forms of our relationship developing and growing.
Let me tell you why:

After we dropped girls to my mum’s for babysitting, we went home and did some gardening. I was mowing the grass and Brooke was spraying the weeds like a trooper. I was a bit upset when she declined my request to do it without a shirt, like me. You can’t win them all. I love you wookie for helping me as I know it is hard work and hot and dealing with chemicals but you were awesome.

We went to a 1 act-play reading night at the local theatre and Brooke told me after she would much rather write instead of act. I love Brooke how you follow your passions and know what you want. It was awesome to hear your creative mind overflowing with ideas and brilliance.

Sunday afternoon, after watching "Shakspeare in love" while I was on a secret 'black opps' mission Brookie started singing some opera. It was so soothing and made me feel I was in a James bond movie defeating the enemy. Lucy at first was annoyed but then realised she wanted to try as well. Sure enough I could hear these most angelic voices coming from the other room. I could not tell who was who. Low and behold Lucy has got talent. So Brooke then got really excited and started to teach her to sing. They viewed on YouTube the 'defying gravity' song from wicked and they were singing and teaching. It was awesome. Brooke I love how you have passion to help your girls and want them to be there best. You have so much talent to share it made me so happy to hear.

Finally as Sunday night was getting on Brooke decided to try to make a yummy cake from her new recipe book. At first she was struggling with the Australian conversions. And I was saying to her it is ok honey just don’t worry. Now with Brooke at the moment being the bare Brooke, she said 'NO, I want to do this. I have to finish this'. So an hour later with her going back and forth to Google for support she finally raised victorious. I was so excited and amazed at her strength. Brooke you are the strongest, determined lovable person I know. You have left me loving you in forms I have never dreamed I could. My love for you grows and deepens every day. Thank you for loving me and giving your love to me. Thank you and I love you.  


  1. by "bare Brooke," do you mean she was cooking in the nude?? Glad the cake worked!!! Love you guys!

  2. Hahaha... No. I think he meant... a bit moody and tired... but determined! haha

  3. Mick!! You made me cry!! I am SO grateful to you for loving my sister in the way that she has always deserved. Words cannot describe how happy I am that two are together!

  4. Ah, come-on, man! I just got my forehead sorted! Now my face is crumpling from an entirely new cuteness overload! You guys are killing me! Australia is beginning to be synonymous in my mind with heaven and bliss and lots of other nice things... Do some more posts about snakes and spiders already! ;) I love you guys!