Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This One's For My Mom...

Mom with all the girls
              Well today in the States it is my mother's birthday and so I thought I should put up a few new blog posts for her to read as I know she loves to hear what's going on and how everyone is doing.  First of all though I just wanted to wish my Mum a very happy birthday.  I know that all my siblings would join in with me in saying what a wonderful mother and woman she is.  How many times she has stayed up with each of us... especially us five girls... on hard nights when life felt bleak and we needed to cry and someone to talk to.  Even though she may be tired and has work the next morning she has pretty much always been there to listen.  I don't know how I would have gotten through some of the darker times in my life if I hadn't had her there to make sense out of the confusion or her amazing ability to somehow make the heaviness I felt somehow lighter and more bearable.  She is also one of the funnest people to be with and can turn even just a simple trip to the grocery store into the funniest experience of you life.  She is a great mother, wife, and grandmother.  I realise this is all sounding very saccharine and cheesy but I meant every word... I love you Mom!  Happy Birthday!
Grandma with Carsen and Lana
My mom playing at the park with the girls


  1. man, I'm wiping a tear from my eye. I didn't expect that! Thank you! I feel so loved! Thank you precious girl!

  2. No, Brooke, it's so true! It's funny, 'cause I'll go on a run like that and then realize how crazy ridiculous and exaggerated it sounds but the funny thing is that it doesn't even come close to touching it!!! Although, I must say, you really, REALLY covered it pretty well, I thought. She's an amazing woman, and it's hard to explain it all, especially succinctly, but you've done a very good job here.