Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ohhhh Kay.... C'mon Visa C'mon School!

Lucy and Esther playing at the mall... I think they really were trying to get to school...
    So it has been a long and grueling process to say the least, but I think we are hopefully nearing the end of our process ot apply for our permanent visa's.  Lucy and Esther have been out of school now for 9 months!  And as their mom I must admitt that my patience has been worn thin and bare... and my anxiety about their brains turning into mush has been growing.  I have reached a point of acceptance however and have even found days when I have actually enjoyed our time together trying to keep up through "homeschool" with what they should be learning.  I am by no means a proper teacher so it has been quite worrisome to say the least, but I have tried my best.  Only a few more months let's all hope.  Their uniforms are bought, they know what a "tuck shop" and "lou" are so I think they are ready...
All ready and looking the part.



  1. Yeah, but do the uniforms still fit? You are amazing as a mom, and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure their brains are fine!

  2. I love their school desk set up. How long do they spend on "school" each day?
    Don't worry too much......I did my best to turn your brains to mush in the basement in Allen Park and you all moved past it. :)
    (PE at the Ice Rink anyone? Field Trip to the movie theater?)

  3. Is that a Foster's in the foreground?

  4. Hahahah! Mary... like "Foster's Australian for Beer"? hehehe... no, it's probably a plain ol'pepsi max...

  5. Well I'm glad they know what a Tuck Shop is. Now would someone please explain to me what the hell it is?! Also, when you guys are out and about, do your accents ever draw attention? I saw Es's shirt in the pick at the mall and was wondering how often, if at all, it comes up that you guys are immigrants... heehee.