Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out Into the Great Blue

     So these are just some quick pictures of last weekend.  We went out swimming at this really cool place where when the tide comes in it fills up this whole area that you can swim around in and lazily float.  It was a good day.

Me and the girls floating along

Ah Relaxing

These girls are so silly!  We looked over and saw them doing this...

Lucy practicing her balance for future surfing

Esther practicing her balance
Esther the dangerous mermaid

Lucy.  Hold your breath!!!

Darling it's better down where it's wetter... take it from me...

Letting the waves take me.


  1. So jealous! Glad the girls are practicing their rescue skills and I so want your hat! We are having snow/rain mix the next few days =(

  2. Awesome! You sent us a blast of summer to warm us in this cold rainy weather!!! I guess this is one more place to add to my list when I visit next!
    Brooke, I esp love the pic of you riding the waves! Woo-hoo!

  3. I want to lazily foat!!!!! That is hilarious that your girls were doing CPR on eachother!!!! LOL!!! I also want a hat like that. But where would I wear it here? It would be more a protection from the rain and snow, but never the sun! I have forgotten what it is like to have sunshine! BTW - ES is especially gorgeous under the water! What a doll!

  4. That was awesome--the way you described it made me think of the little protected cove they swim and float around in in Enchanted April, you know? I love, Love, LOVED this post!