Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Come to Australia... You Might Accidentally Die!

            So as I have been here in Australia I have seen my fare share of critters... Many in my own home, and surprisingly none when I went out camping... but plenty if I dare venture into my own backyard after the sun goes down.  Once as I sat in my mother-in-law's backyard talking I suddenly saw a huge creature of some kind run along the length of their fence... about the size of a cat... but most definitly NOT a cat... Yeah.  To this day I have no idea what that was.  This I realise is a common thing for my australian family and friends.  It certainly isn't middle america, and just when you begin to get comfortable and think... "hmm... this really isn't so different" you see a large tropical bird perched on a tree in your backyard, a big lizard climing up the side of your house...or you pick up your husband from work and hear the following story:
            Yesterday when I had picked up Mick from work he proceeded to tell me about how during the day when his schedule was free he had decided to go and clean off his desk.  Apparently it had become horribly cluttered over the past six months and was quite full of all sorts of things.  He had been working at it for a while and was finally clearing off the back layer of items when to his surprise he was greeted by a huge snake!  It ofcourse scared him pretty bad.  He went to get the school grounds keeper, who apparently is also a bit of a "snake-rangler".... something that I assume is a requirment for any "grounds keepers" in Australia... hahahah...  Anyway, long story short, they had to call in an expert to remove the snake as the grounds man was not able to identify it.  In the end it turns out that it was a brown-tree python.

A picture of the kind of snake that was on his desk... fun fun fun.


  1. OMGOSH!!!!! OK, so Maybe I am glad that I don't live there! I would have a SUPER hard time with random critters, reptiles etc just being wherever whenever! Who ever would've thought that you would be OK with that!

  2. this is mick... Or maybe corinne it is because jason would be in the backyard 24/7 playing with them as to why you should not live in Australia!

  3. Um how does a snake get in a school? Does he have plumbing near by that it can swim up? Are there many cracks in the walls or are windows left open day and night? I would have had a serious accident if that had been me! I can handle the tropical bird in the tree and small lizards but heck no to snakes!

    At a game lodge in Kenya, Aunt Marilyn and I were eating dinner and we thought they had stamped shapes of geckos or some small lizard in the stone walls. Oh no, they were real lizards. They left us alone though and stayed up high. At another lodge they actually have an employee with a sling shot to keep the monkeys and birds away. Their dining room was open air. Oh and Aunt Marilyn's town has a HUGE electric fence around it to keep the elephants out. They did trample her garden a couple of times. I think I would rather have her problems than a snake!

  4. Hahah! Mary those stories were so funny! Well, the buildings here are very open and there are no halls between classes etc... they are very open buildings, so honestly a snake could get in pretty easily... hahah... which is a bit freaky.

  5. Cricky! Sounds like a wonderland to me. (This is Isaac). My favorite places to live as a kid were Arizona (for the lizards) and Florida, because of the lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, etc. Love you guys.