Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh My Gosh! The Difference!

             Ok... so as I was on my computer today trying to figure out something to blog about, as I had promised my mom I would... I began to find some old photos of when I had first moved here and I began to remember how it was when we had all been crammed into Mick's tiny little apartment.  Wow... five girls... two adults.... just eating a meal there was... well hell.  Often times when we are heading home in our van full of kids I often reflect on how incredibly grateful I am that we are heading home to a place with so much more space for the kids to spread out... ah... counting my blessings.  And so in honor of this I thought I would post some before and after photos for you all to enjoy...

eating a meal: Before

Eatin a meal: After

Watching a movie together: Before

Watching a movie together: After.... ah the difference!


  1. Great post darling! I am SO glad that you have such a nice home there. I'm sure that really helps as you try to blend your two families into one!

  2. Remembering is such a good thing for feeling grateful. I just love your house/home. That was great! Keep 'em coming. I LOVE it.