Saturday, June 18, 2011

Parks and Recreation

      So this last week was what the aussies would refer to as "full on"... which means: insanely busy and overwhelming...  We had an on weekend with all five girls and then found out shortly before the weekend began that it would be for an extra night, making it three nights instead of the usual two... Ok deep breaths... fine, all is fine, we could handle it... No.  More than "handle it" we were happy and excited to have a bit more time with all our crazy wonderful girls.  I had been on the search for a new job and would be going in the following Wednesday for a "trial period" for how long I did not know...  and I was begining to feel that cold, sore, achiness that always preceeds an obnoxious, persistent cold.  Well, long story short: the cold got much worse, and the girls ended up being with us for SEVEN nights.  On Sunday in the throws of cold-miserable-no-makeup-wearing-large-wooly-"jumper"-wraped-around-me-twenty-four-seven-Cold-dom we decided to take the girls for a nice drive out to see the clinic where I might be working at soon, and to play at a totally fun park that we had noticed along the way.  In the end it was a wonderful family memory that I made sure to take tons of pictures of.  Lucy and Esther had made sure to bring the soccer ball, and Mick and the girls, minus Lana (who stayed and cuddled with me), ended up running around playing soccer, rolling in the grass and having tons of fun.  It was a gorgeous winter/fall day and I loved it. 
Lucy taking off with the ball while all the others try to catch up.

Mick and Esther battling it out!

Mick playing with all the girls... except Lana :)

Lana eating cookies and watching her sisters.

Lana with Daddy.


  1. It was a fun day!

  2. looks like you all had a blast.. I can't believe how big Lucy is getting. Why did you have all the girls for a whole week.. sounds like a house full of fun... (Mick is the one thorn amidst all those roses) sorry couldn't resist that one..

  3. oh stop it. you are all just too cute. i love you and i love you're family. also- it looks like that cold is going round- i caught it this week too!

  4. oh stop it. you are all just wayyyy too cute. i want to come to australia and play futbol.

  5. Hey! Look at the comments! I am going to try again! (I just came on to see the cute photos and see if there were any new ones.....)

  6. YAY! I finally figured out how to fix my issues with commenting on certain blogs!

    I LOVE your blog, keep on posting! Your family is so adorable. I really love seeing all the fun stuff you are doing.

    Lucy is turning into a young woman right before my eyes! Wowzers!