Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lovin From My Woman's Oven

Mick here,
there are two traditions in my family growing up that i can remember doing ever since i can remember. The first one is Sunday afternoon BBQs which my Dad would prepare and cook for us. My parents still have this same BBQ today which they got like 30 years ago. One of us boys would peel the potatoes and sweet potatoes (only after a long fight as who would have to do it) along with meat and stuff. Then Dad would bring it in to us in rounds. He would say 'next'and we would all try to be the next to say the same to indicate to Dad to go get the next round. Ah good times, I even think Cindy & Carol have had the pleasure of this fine food.
The next tradition is... you guessed it Ginger Pudding. Again for as long as I can remember my Dad has being making this for us, we would even have it for a main meal. This meal is so entrenched in my family that we all go nuts when we have it. So for a few years this recipe got lost but Dave brought it back to life. He perfected it and now has passed it on to me.
Now it took Brooke only twice to perfect this recipe and now I am sure she could do it with her eyes closed. Brooke you are amazing you make me every happy. I don't actually know how to make it so i will let Brooke explain it to you but i will add pictures below.

mixing flour

these are the cranberries put into hot water and sugar sauce

rice bran oil...

adding the oil slowly to the flour mixture

pigs brains... well that is what it looks like. flour balls added to hot water mix

cooked and ready to serve

what a little beauty! it tastes just like heaven

Well there you have it, I hope this has helped those who are wanting to make it or made all of you really hungry and jealous. Oh yeah it tastes as good as it looks.

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  1. YUM!!!!! You are SO special, no wonder Mick loves you so much!