Saturday, July 2, 2011


OK i have been wanting to see Brooke perform in front of an audience for
some time now. well actually since i met her. So on the cruise we got the
opportunity as they had karaoke pretty much every night. Now Brooke has not
sung in front of people for a very long time so she was nervous but with much
convincing and lots of encouragement she was able to get up.

this is Brooke's first performance.

i was so proud of Brookie i had a smile from ear to ear. she was
amazing. however i was not satisfied with just on performance.

Brooke used to sing this song to me over skype. she did not tell me
which one she was going to sing but once she started i was well overwhelmed. i
was so excited that she could just get up and sing such amazing notes i wanted
to join her so i could experience this with her. however i suck when it comes
to singing. i am very much tone deaf. anyway the excitement of it all got too
much for me and i just could not help myself.

Brooke's and my duet. oh look out for the leprechaun towards the end of
this song...

and finally all of the cousins wanted to sing a song with Brooke. so her
final song was love story with the kids

I had so much fun. i wanted to do this with Brooke so much and pretty
much hassled her every night till we got to do it. i cant wait to do it again
soon. and Once Brooke started singing she could not stop. She love it. Welcome
back Brooke.


  1. I read and watched this squealing and clapping and grinning from ear to ear! It makes me so happy to see Brooke loving to sing again, and Mick, I LOVED seeing you up there with her, together! Your little jig just did me in! That was just WONDERFUL!
    Welcome back Brooke, INDEED! Thank you Mick.

  2. I had a real blast singing with Brooke.

  3. i'm so happy you made her sing!!! its been WAY too long. i remember, i used to love hearing her sing all around the house. way to go both of you. i'm so happy that you two have finally gotten the lives that you deserve.

  4. Watch my blog closely. You will soon see there a couple pictures of Harrison intently watching these You Tube video's. HE LOVES THEM!!!!! He watches them over and over and over and over. He even figured out how to start them again himself, when they end. Whenever he see's me on the computer he comes up and asks if he can watch the Brooke and Mick singing movies again.

    Personally my favorite part was Brooke's reaction to Mick dancing! I love seeing her that happy!!!