Friday, June 17, 2011

Off Into the Australian Rainforest...

Esther at Kondalilla Falls
          I know that I am way behind on my blogging... and so today as I have finally had a chance to sit down and take a breath after a madhouse week with all five girls, colds and fevers, job interviews and trials... I am finally on here ready to give you more!  For some reason uploading photos from my phone takes me a bit longer to get around to...  So unfortunately when I have found myself without a camera and only my phone camera on hand and taken pictures they have become lost to the four winds... and so have the many blog posts I meant to do with those pictures... But TAH DAH!  Finally, I did it... and here's a great one for you all...  Esther's class field trip to Kondallila Falls.
         A few weeks ago Esther came home all excited to tell us about an upcoming field trip to Kondallilla Falls... apparently a beautiful park much like Silver Falls not far from where we live... Ah!  Why hadn't Mick ever told me or taken me this gorgeous place?  So when the day came I agreed to be one of the parents to come along.  It turned out to be a very fun outing where I got to meet a lot of Esther's new little friends, who all looked up at me with wide eyes and called me "Esther's Mum"...  It was a great one on one time for me and Esther and I got to see first hand how well she is doing in her class, with her teacher and her classmates.

Stopping for "morning tea"

Esther and her classmates deep in the rainforest.

On a bridge over one of the waterfalls.

Esther and I at a gorgeous lookout point...

Esther enjoying her "second lunch"... Yes, that is right, here they have 2 lunches at school!


  1. Well brookie with taking photos... If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone.
    Awesome blog you are amazing.

  2. two lunches?!?!? my ideal of heaven... Esther is soooo dang cute I could make a pudding out of her... Is she bigger than everyone in her class. The pictures made her look a head taller than everyone in her class..

  3. FUN!!!! How awesome is it that you went on a field trip!!!! And in Australia!!!! That is really really cool! And yeah, seriously, two lunches!??!?! What the? I will NOT be telling my kids about this. They are already quite jealous of your girls.