Saturday, March 12, 2011

a day in the life of mick

My day starts with roll call at 8:35am. I have 24 grade 8 students to mark present before actual school starts. They are full of energy.
so i have 10 minutes to read notices and mark the roll before the bell goes and they go off to their various classes.

Now depending on which day it is will depend on the classes i have for that day. So each day is different. so to give you an over view i teach a total of 6 different classes. that amounts to about 120 students. So if i get your name confused and call you Richard Cranium at Christmas time please don't get up set.

The picture about is my Year 10 woodwork class. They are making trinket boxes and are just finishing them off by putting on hinges.

Next i have 2 Engineering classes. One year 12 and one year 11. They learn how to weld and fabricate metal. They make various projects from a simple meat mallet to a tool chest.
Students learn how to cut and bend and fold metal as well as use metal lathes and milling machines.

This is my favorite class as it is what my trade is in. I left high school and got an apprenticeship as a welder / metal fabricator.

I get two 40 minute lunch breaks which are taken up with either play ground duty or detentions with misbehaved students. I also teach a grade 9 graphics class in which students learn to draw technical drawings using both a drawing board and computer.
My day normally ends around 3pm when Brookie comes and picks me up. I love my job as each day brings on new challenges. There are not every day satisfactions however when a student finally gets or learns something and they get excited that is when i get my reward and think it is all worth it.


  1. Really AWESOME Mick! Thanks for sharing. That was a super great post. I really liked the pictures, and I am amazed at you, what you do every day!!! I wanna learn some of that stuff!

  2. VERY cool mickles! i miss you guys

  3. Mick- that was great! I knew you were a teacher, but I didn't know what you taught. Very interesting!

  4. That post made me happy. I love sharing in your day. Any chance of getting the surfing class?

  5. Ok, that was awesome. An excellent idea for a post, whoever came up with it. Anyway, now, hearing you talk about this--now, and before, when you've visited--and seeing these pictures, I'm starting to realize, like Corinne, that this stuff looks REALLY fascinating! I'm thinking I completely missed out on a really fascinating area of classes that just never really appealed to me in HS but mostly just because I didn't understand what exactly went on! I've always loved using soldering irons--but that's the closest I've ever gotten.

    Just really awesome stuff, Mick.