Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Nights and Pizza

All ready for the movie

"Furry Vengeance"

           This weekend we had another family movie night which with five girls ranging from the ages of 2 to 9 does not always mean watching a movie that Mick and I are totally "dying" to see if you know what I mean...  This weekend we got to watch a total classic titled "Furry Vengeance"... yeah...  Starring Brendan Frasier and Brooke Sheilds, the funny spanish teacher from "Communtiy" and Angela from "The Office"... all of whom I felt really embarassed for.  What desperate place does an actor's career have to reach for them to agree to be in a movie like this... haha... Well the kids loved it anyway.  

Lana, and Taylah


This is where most the girls end up... piled on Daddy.

                The next day for Sunday lunch we let the girls make their own pizzas.  They loved it and so did we.  It is a sad thing that honestly here in Australia it is pretty much impossible to find an edible frozen pizza... and to buy one... well it's pretty much an arm and a leg... rediculously expensive...  So this is how we decided to just make our own, and boy, let me tell you, they were so much better than any frozen pizza I have had here. 

Making their pizzas!

I love this picture.  Hahaha!

Esther and Taylah making their pizza.

The girls had a picnic outside.



  1. Hey, this is mom talking....
    This is just so wonderful! That movie cracks me up.....but what great memories. I LOVE that you made pizza! Just the other day Kylie and Bailey begged for homemade pizza because they have the best memories of that throughout the years. Your blog is AWESOME!!!

  2. I LOVE the funny pictures of the girls watching that movie and the pizza making is SO awesome!!! For Lily's last birthday party we did that. I made a ton of dough and put bowls of toppings out and all the girls there made their own pizzas. It was a HUGE hit! Have the girls started school yet? They look so SO tan and their hair is starting to look almost blonde!