Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Mick getting his kite ready.

                  I love my husband Mick, and I love how he loves to kite surf.  Of all the sports a man could enjoy I must say I got pretty lucky with Kite Surfing... Instead of having to sit on some sideline watching something I can hardly understand I get to sit on a sunny beach with a good amount of wind to keep me cool as I watch hundreds of colorful kites soaring through the blue skies above me. 
                 This last weekend when we had all five girls with us Mick was pretty annoyed to discover that after days of not enough wind it was finally on that day that the wind decided to be perfect for a kite surf.  At first on that Saturday his prospects of getting out were not looking too good...  We had a ton of groceries to buy from the store and all the girls were already at each other's throats.  But Mick was determined... as well as blessed with such a helpful mum...  Wendy agreed to let the girls come over for a swim while we went to the beach for a few hours, it was perfect and we were excited for a break.  A short while later there we were at "Bullcock beach" (yes I love the name haha!) in Caloundra with perfect wind, tons of sunshine and lots of kites :)  Mick was able to get out on the water and had a great time.  I walked around and enjoyed the sunshine and the ocean and even visited with an australian woman that was walking by and admiring the kites.  She asked me if I had someone out there, and I was very proud to say that yes I did... :D

Mick with his Kite

Up in the Air

Me on the beach


  1. Mom again......
    Magic! This is just magic! I love your comment about how lucky you are to have a husband that kite surfs. So true so true.
    Wendy is so awesome to help you get a little time away......walking on a nice beach sounds like a perfect rest. I wish I had been able to see Mick kite surf while I was there. ah well, so much to do next time.
    Brooke, you always look beautiful in red. :)

  2. Your life is like a heavenly dream! Is it really real? And I too agree that kite surfing is an awesome sport to have to sit around and watch!!! SO FUN! I can't wait to meet Wendy, and I know I've said that about 100 times already.