Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kookaburra sittin' in a Kookaburra tree...

Ok so here is a little video I took of our backyard one morning so you all could get an idea of what it sounds like!  These are Kookaburra's, a kind of bird and they make the loudest racket!  But it is hillarious!  They sound like monkeys and it makes me feel even more so that I live in a jungle... haha..


  1. Couple of thoughts: are you suuuuure they aren't monkeys? is it maybe mating season? and it really sounds like they're laughing at you. Regardless, that was hilarious. Now dad, out of nowhere, keeps trying to imitate that noise and keeps scaring the crap out of me and mom.

  2. So funny! Those totally sound like laughing monkeys. haha. No sleeping in for you, eh? And I have a vision in my head of Jody doing that noise to scare Paige and mom. Very very funny!