Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going For a Walkabout

              This is just a little of what we've been up to in the past week... Hiking up the mountain behind Mick's school,and swimming in some waterfalls.

Lucy and Esther at the top of Emu Mountain.

View from the tippy top :) So gorgeous!!

The bridge broke from the flooding, but that didn't stop us!

Mick and the girls swimming at the falls.

I found a little forrest nymph...
A little friend we found along the way...


  1. Wow Brooke, Australia is a whole different world than the states. All those hikes look so amazing. I really love the orange fence around the broken bridge that you had to climb around to get that picture!! Miss you!

  2. I miss you too Krisin! I would love it if you and Isaac could ever come out for a visit!