Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Weekend of Fun

           Ok so I know I have been so very bad, not posting on here much lately... And I realise that many of my posts are begining like this... hmmm.  So finally I have a day off and I am in to mood to blog to you all!  Yay! The stars have aligned! hehehe... So there are a few fun things I wanted to blog about, they are in no real particular order.  And the first is our fun weekend with all the girls.  A few weeks back, it was hot and sunny and Mick and I were trying to prepare for a whole Saturday of bored little girls, getting ever hotter, with nothing to do.  So Mick had a great idea to take us all to a campground he used to go to as a little boy with a great swimming area.  We were all very excited.  It was a good hour drive away and so we loaded up the car with snacks, beach toys, towels, and crazy little girls.  We packed a yummy picnic lunch to eat once we got there. 
            When we finally got there and were driving down that rocky road however, we came to a place where the river runs right across the road... Now normally Mick says it is very shallow and you just drive across... however that day, due to so much heavy rainfall from the days before, the river was raging, and it was not so shallow...  Signs had been placed up at the side of the road saying not to cross and that it was too deep for two wheel drive vehicles...  And so we watched in utter dismay as a couple big, burly four wheel drives passed us by and forged easily through the river... on to fun, swimming, and Mick's boyhood camping ground...  We were tempted for a few breif moments to still try... maybe we could make it... Mick got out and walked down closer to the river to have a better look... We even considered parking the car and crossing it ourselves and walking the rest of the way... however it was still a good distance past the river, and we had ALL five girls with us all the way down to little Lana... and the idea of hoofing it did not seem fun. 
              And so it was, we turned our car around the tried to revise our plan as all the kids behind us began to echo in a chorus of dismay.  Down the road I had seen a picturesque park with picnic tables and so we decided to atleast stop there to enjoy some lunch. 

Silly girls...
          After we had some yummy lunch we decided to venture down another road that seemed to point to another campground.  When we got to the end we were delighted to find a great place to swim!  The girls were very excited and Mick and I were relieved ...

Lucy was being so cute carrying Lana down...

Mick and the girls sunscreening up...

Mick and Lana

Swimming hole!  No crocs... atleast I hoped not... heheheh...


Op... yep... there's a crocodile!

Nice day...


  1. WOW! FUN! and brave! I would NEVER go swimming in a place like that, especially in Australia!!! Holy Crap! It's not just the crocs, it's the snakes and other creatures.
    I loved all the pictures. I really love how silly Lana was dancing to the side in the one picture. I really love seeing all your girls together and so happy.

  2. Yeah I kinda agree with Corinne. Swimming in the Luckimut was one thing, but that looks too much like the waterholes where the gazelles get pulled under by crocodiles.

  3. Hahahhahaha... yes I totally know what you both mean... I have to admitt that when I first moved here I was pretty much convinced that any body of water... even a large puddle must have a crocodile in it. But Mick has reassured me many times that the crocs really are more North than where we live... And I have heard enough around me too to know now that they aren't normally down here... But yeah... it does still give me the shivers. Even where we live there are tons of deadly things lurking about. I think if you live here you just have to face the fact that somewhere nearby is always a huge spider, snake, lizzard, beatle of some shape or form... hahaha... I can't believe I'm saying this. Hahah, otherwise I just don't think a person could cope!

  4. Haha, when I saw this I thought the same thing! I was thinking how normally I'd look at you and Corinne and roll my eyes whilst doing a cannonball into the water...but this time...he he...maybe not. I laughed out lout at that pic of Carsen "Op, there's the croc." hahah. also, I just read through all these 3 you just posted and I know you'd rather have a comment per post, but too bad! TOO DAMN BAD, this is a mass comment for all 3. What I thought of when I was looking through them was, "How could Brooke miss us?!! Her life is so much more awesome than ours!!!!" So, yeah I'm jealous. Don't worry tho, someday when I am a rich rich artist and finally have a bikini bod, I'm going down under babay. Mark your calendar. (for the month of rich rich artist and bikini bod) because that's when I'm coming, WHOOP!