Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Disco!!! Wooo Hoo!!!

        So the other week the girls had a school disco.  They were all very excited to go and so we picked up Taylah, Carsen, and Lana, and they all got dressed up in pretty clothes.  In the end they all had a blast hanging out with their school friends and dancing the night away.

Ready for the dance

Fixing Taylah's flower

Taylah, Lana, and friend

Lucy and Esther having fun

Dancing with Lana
Carsen getting down

Ooooohhh... Carsey found a boy :)

Esther doing the Mackarana (I know I butchered that spelling)... thought I would never see the day...


  1. I LOVE it!!!! The girls look so cute! I love how happy Lana was dancing with you:) Is Carsen taller than Taylah? She looked taller in the group shot. It confused me.
    Anyways, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for updating your blog!!!!!!

  2. Lily and I just read this together, and she really misses your girls now. Thanks a lot! hehehehe....

    I just remembered, I wanted to comment on Carsi's shoes!!! Hilarious! I guess that's why she looked taller than Taylah?

  3. hahahahahaha oh my gosh! a school DISCO??????? i love it! also- can i steal lana??

  4. Hahah, oh man thank you for your comments! They are so wonderful to read!!! Hahah, yes Corinne, I love it when Carsey wears those little high heels... she is sooo cute in them... And I think in some ways Carson is pretty much the same height as Taylah, and in other ways just bigger than her... They just have such completley different body types. Taylah and Lana are sooo tiny they are like little whisps and Carsen is more solid and curvy... hahah...
    Bailey, I know it is hillarious isn't it!? School Disco... that's what they call 'em... hahah... don't even get me started on what they call all sorts of things... it is hillarious. And well... if you come here I will let you hold Lana for a bit... but I don't know if we could give her up... She is too freaking funny and cute... :D