Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moving House!!!

     So, I feel very sorry for how long it has been since my last post... but I have had a good excuse... honest I have!  First of all my new job working as a medical receptionist in an extremly busy clinic has left me with very little time to blog to you all... And if that wasn't enough, over the past month and a half we found out to our great dismay that our current landlords were wanting us to move out so that they could move on in!  So Mick and I began our mad search for a house big enough, spread out enough... with something of a yard for all five of our crazy kids. We had till October 20th before our lease was over and we had to be moved on out... so we were stressed to say the least to find a place, and the right place for our large family. 
           And so it was that this last weekend we finally heard the great news that we got a great place to move into... So this last weekend with the help of the wonderful missionaries (all americans!) and Mick's brother, as well as his absolutly wonderful parents who watched our girls for us so we didn't lose our minds!!! We finally moved out! And into a great, new, beautiful home that I am loving living at more and more each day! And now for your viewing pleasure... here are the pictures!

The girls HAD to take the opportunity to play in the empty truck...





The wonderful missionaries helping.

Elder Fox says hello...
Our new kitchen full of boxes...

Our grown up sitting area...

Veiw from our back patio.

Mick and Taylah unpacking a box...

Lucy and Carsey making her bed in her new bedroom.


  1. Sorry - but not enough pictures. =) Was one of the missionaries a Duck fan?? =(

  2. Yeah, Mary is right. Not enough pictures! And I totally saw a missionary in an Oregon shirt! What's up with that?

  3. That was awesome! Although I agree w/ Mary.....more pictures! Now show us all the rooms with everything moved in......I'm so glad you found a great house! Those are some funny girls you have.....