Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrating America in Oz...

        So, I have been reprimanded, reminded, and lovingly urged to the fact that I have not posted in a LONG TIME!  I know this is very true and for that I am truly sorry.  I could attempted to explain it all... and give a long list of excuses of why I have been kept so busy lately... but instead I think I will just add some pictures... write a bit more than a list, and blog about it!  I am very very behind, so I will start all the way back with our 4th of July. 
         I have always LOVED the 4th of July.... I admit it, I am a proud American girl and I was always more than excited to attend the loud parades, watch my kids run out into the road to grab candy thrown at them from people in fire trucks... Going to friend's and family's bbq's and stuffing myself silly with hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, deviled eggs, and watermelon...  One LONG hot day each year of baking in the sun (two times when I was 8 months pregnant and coming home to see my face and feet swollen to twice their normal size... not to mention beet red).  And of course staying up late to watch the loud and glorious displays of fireworks.  I love the 4th of July, it just isn't summer if we don't have it!..... 
       Well.... hmmm.... that was my first dilemma....  This year my 4th of July most definitely was not in the mid-heat of summer... but instead the mild coolness of the Australian winter.  Honestly... this American could have let the day just pass, like any other day, and no one would have even known the difference.... But I couldn't! I knew there wasn't going to be any grand, loud parades... no flag ceremonies... no firework displays... maybe a BBQ somewhere (as Aussies ALWAYS love a good BBQ!)... but one with "snags and chips"... not hamburgers and hot dogs.  But as is my motto! "Where there is a will there is a freaking way!!!!"  So I set out to create 4th of July here in Australia...
        First I found our large assorted pack of balloons and pulled out every single red, white, and blue balloon I could find... Then I searched for cool ideas of how to celebrate the 4th and found a great idea on of putting red, white, and blue confetti into balloons and letting kids pop them to create non-firework fireworks!  Did I have red, white, and blue confetti? Nope... but did I let that stop me? NO!  So I went searching and found that I had light grey, blue, and red ribbon (the cheap kind you curl and use to wrap presents) and so I cut it up into small pieces and made my own darn confetti!
         I also found some sparklers for the kids at a local shop and the fixings for and "American" BBQ.  In the end we invited over Mick's parents and had a wonderful time celebrating our 4th of July...
Jeff cooking at the barbie.

The girls excited to eat.

Lucy and Esther in their 4th of July shirts.

Lucy and Taylah showing their patriotism with american mustard.


And of course the girls gave us some after dinner entertainment...

The girls lighting their sparklers.
I love this one of Carsen!

The girls having a blast!

I love this adorable man!

Lana popping her first firework balloon! Yay!

Carsen taking her turn.

Taylah's turn!

Roasting marshmallows over candles to make some s'mores!!!


  1. You are freaking amazing!!! I love this so much!!! Good for you for not giving up! And those firework balloons looked AWESOME!!! WOW! Seriously! I am so impressed you were able to put that all together! Man, you are like the coolest mom for doing that! I bet Mick loved it as much as the kids, so that makes you coolest wife too! hahah. Man, let me just say I celebrated in freaking Utah where those mormons are freaking patriotic and it was NOTHING compared to this! I mean seriously! I hope those girls know how lucky they are to have you as a mommy!

    PS-I thought of you this past 4th of July! I think I always will after that special 4th we spent together! My best 4th thus far! I love you Frooke!

  2. Brooke, that was soooo awesome! What a great American you are! I loved every single photo! The firework balloons were very were the girls dancing.
    BUT I must say my fav photo is of Mick with the sparklers. Priceless.


  3. That is the coolest 4 of July celebration I've ever seen. The fact that it was rag-tag made it that much better! e.g. I thought the fireworks were a really clever idea and was impressed with the hand-drawn American flags. Must say, you are extremely creative, and a patriot I might add! Seriously, though, that's the type of 4 of July celebration that makes a great story. I can see that in a good book or something.

  4. Yeah and I totally agree with Kylie