Tuesday, November 8, 2011

not long now!

Getting ready for some yummy bangers...
Bobbing for apples

playing "dress your mummy"


Hey guys how you going… good? That’s good.
Well I only have 24 more days of work till we are headed over and
I can’t wait. We have some busy weekends coming up which will make the time go
even quicker. Brookes work Christmas party is in two weeks and then
thanksgiving (what ever that is) and then good bye party for taylah and carsen
and lana.
My work is going good. This time of year things start to slow
down. The year 12s only have 1 week left of school then the following week the
year 11 and 10s finish. What this means for me is that I will have less classes
to teach and more time to clean the tools and make projects for myself.
The attached video is off the girls going crazy while brooke was
at work. It was really cute to see them all having so much fun together.
although half hour later they were all at each other. I hope they only remember
the good times.
We had a Halloween party last weekend. The photos are attached. Lucy
invited 3 friends from school and we had a blast. Brooke did everyones make-up
and costumes and decorations and cooked the best food. We played games and ate
yummy food.
I hope everyone over there is staying safe and planning a happy
thanks giving. We wish we could be with you.
Ok see you all soon.
also this is lucys first painting which she is trying to sell on ebay:
girls dancing


  1. Was Lucy a Zombie!? If so, awesome Zombie get-up.

  2. Esther! You do the best shuffle I've ever seen!