Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Lucky Country...

A few weeks ago Esther was complaining about one of her teeth hurting. So we gave her some panadol and booked her into a dentist. I was dreading this cause we all know how much dentists cost.
The first visit went like this, xrays which showed she needs 3 root canals and about 5 fillings. I could not believe it. The dentist did up a dental plan for the work needed and it came out to $3000. The worst part is that the rotted teeth are her baby teeth which will fall out in a few years anyway. We had no choice and got her in for her first visit which consisted of removing one of the rotted teeth.
We were worried that Lucy might have a similar problem so we booked her in and discovered she needed $1200 worth of work. Not as bad but still depressing. We thought that we would get you know who to help contribute but i think we would have a better chance of seeing a boomer firing a shotgun then getting any money from him.
OK before i continue a little background. The health system in Australia provides a dental van to primary schools. I remember going to one as whipper snapper (little kid). I could not remember how much or if government only payed a portion or how often they actually go to schools or even if they do major work.
A week or two later i just so happen to read in the girl's school newsletter that the dental van will be at there school for the next few months. I could not believe it. I also found out that these vans only go to schools every two years. We booked Esther and Lucy and Talyah in straight away and cancelled their appointments at the private dentist. Esther had her first appointment last Thursday and the lady dentist was awesome. She got her treatment done and better still it cost a total of $0. A free service to government schools. Oh man i am so totally grateful for Australia's health system. I know we pay high taxes but this dental van which just so happens to be at their school right now is a huge blessing. Esther now has follow up visits to get all of her work done and so is Lucy and Talyah. I am sorry to say but Australia is the lucky country!


  1. Mick, I totally agree!!! (well actually I just think you are so wonderful... that luck follows you where ever you go) But I was so impressed and astounded at this huge blessing. It was awesome and I am "heaps" greatful for Australia and the wonderful things it offers. I love you so much, and I am so happy here with you.

  2. THAT IS AWESOME!!! Maybe Isaac can drive a Dental bus around to our houses someday! Jody needs to go right now, but of course there are no funds for such things.
    I agree with Brooke, the biggest "lucky" thing about Australia is your life there together!

  3. That is really cool! What a blessing and a relief! Wow! I am so glad about this!